“We want to remind people like you, that you can live your dream,
and we want to do our share in making sure that more and
more people around the world, can live theirs too.”



Who We Are

Corporations aren’t people, and we want to remain as people. We have a voice, and we want to use it exactly how we choose to. We don’t want men in suits telling us what to think or say, and we won’t accept compromising our values or suppressing our opinions in en effort to make more money. We think and do what we want, say what we mean, and design clothing that we like.


The Beginning

Clothing is a great canvas to spread thoughts and ideas. We started out with clothing just for ourselves, but it turns out that the clothing we made started generating interest. That’s when we decided to become a clothing company, and finally in 2014 JQThreads was born.

We started from scratch, we didn’t know the first thing about clothing production. We didn’t only want to print logos on some generic clothes, we wanted to design clothing from scratch also. Decide on fabric, cut, threads, seams, details, all of the good stuff. Learn as we go, something new to conquer. Why did we think we will succeed? Because no one was stopping us. And the same goes for you. Whatever your dream is, no one is stopping you! Go for it!





No Excuses

Something important, that many people miss in life, is that there is no excuse for not doing what you want. Since you are reading this, you are most likely in a position where you can purchase clothing online, clothing that you don’t need, but clothing that you like. We hope you realise you are lucky. You can do what you want, you can be what you want. It’s an amazing opportunity! High five!




Fajar is a 13 year old boy we met in Indonesia some years ago. Can he live his dream? It’s possible, but as he was not from a wealthy family, his options are limited, unless major changes occur in his life. Changes he cannot necessarily control. You are browsing clothing online. 1st World Problems are only excuses. The way we think things are, is often not how things really are. If you aren’t chasing your dream, the only thing that needs changing is your thinking.

Attitude is key. Just decide what it is you want, and make the decisions you need to make to get what you want. If you can make up your mind, anything is possible. Take your first step towards making your dream come true today.





Pay it Forward

In a world full of greed, corruption and us vs. them mentality, it’s easy to lose hope in humanity. Patriotism, borders, religions, all man made concepts we reject. We choose to remain as simply human, and reject becoming boxed in, thus free to get along with everyone. We make an effort to work with companies that respect the world we live in, and the people in it. We do business in areas where it is most needed, and where we can make a positive difference. Aid won’t solve the root cause of problems, fair business will. Let’s all play a part. We want to pay what we have forward. We want to remind people like you, that you can live your dream, and we want to do our share in making sure that more and more people around the world, can live theirs too.