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Many brands just exist. They try to make money and possibly a good product. We are not one of those brands. We believe that you need to have a reason for existing. It’s risky for brands to have opinions and state them. It’s risky for brands to take a stand, or try to make a difference, because if you stand for something you will divide people, and reduce the amount of potential customers you have. That’s why almost all big brands are vanilla and don’t say anything of value. It’s also easier because then you don’t have to care about sustainability or ethical production and fair trade. It’s a lot harder to care.

In a world full of greed, corruption, selfishness and gang mentality, it’s easy to lose hope in humanity. Patriotism, borders, countries, religions, all man made concepts we reject. We choose to remain as simply human, and reject becoming boxed in, thus free to get along with everyone. We make an effort to work with companies that respect the world we live in, and the people in it. We do business in areas where it is most needed, and where we can make a positive difference. Aid won’t solve the root cause of problems, fair business will. Let’s all play a part. We want to create programs through which we can pay what we have forward. We want to remind people like you, that you can live your dream, and we want to do our share in making sure that more and more people around the world, can live theirs too.