The 3+3 Year Journey

There are sayings about this, right? About patience, how good things are worth waiting for, how you should never give up, how if it was easy everyone would be doing it etc. None of them make us feel any better about “wasting” years on this side project that looked like it was never going to happen. After 3 years of designing, planning, getting ripped off for thousands of dollars by a vendor, regrouping, trying again, we actually got the clothing done.

Then after wasting thousands of dollars on shipping thanks to having the slight hickup of the MADE IN “COUNTRY” being missing on the shirts due to an error, the products were stuck in US customs, and eventually returned. Thankfully not destroyed. Then the rest of the time, the clothing has just been sitting, because we haven’t had pictures, webshop, this or that.

In any case. These are now the worlds most expensive t shirts, with the worlds longest development time.But you know what, they are awesome. Super soft, and quality thick cotton, they will last you at least as long as their development, and most likely even more.

We hope you enjoy JQThreads!